What Is Local Search?

Local Search refers to the rankings a business receives within the listings that are displayed in Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs. In most cases, these listings are coupled with Map “pins”. These results appear with the name, phone number, and the address of the corresponding business. There are also links to user reviews/comments and directions to the business’s location.

Businesses view Local Search as a method of gaining visibility. This marketing tool is useful for consumers that need to locate a business in a specific area. It is important to add that Local Search helps consumers find businesses they search for as well as local businesses that offer similar products or services they need.

In some cases, the “pinned” Map listings are clustered together. When the listings are clustered, this is known as a Local Pack. When the listings appear automatically, this is known as Organic Results.

The definition of Local Search that is the easiest to understand involves a visual display. Where? + What? = Local Search. Moreover, users search online for a product or service (What?) in a general area (Where?) and receive a result (Local Search). This is generally referred to as local intent searching.

One of the commonly accepted aspects of local intent searching revolves around the notion that the user searches for a product or service using a specific geographical term. This provides the Search Engine with a basic idea of where the user is located. It is important to add that searches performed on mobile devices can offer increased results. This is a result of the search engine using a better method to determine the user’s location. In most cases, an “explicit” Local Search is unnecessary unless the user is searching for a product or service that is not located nearby.

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